Sunday, October 9, 2011

The weekend wrapup

The 50 Years of the Type 3 weekend was an incredible 4 days of Type 3 driving centered around the historic Borradori Garage in Cayucos on California’s central coast. 21 Type 3s (8 notchbacks, 3 squarebacks, 4 fastbacks and 6 Type 34s) and about 50 people attended. A great time was had by all.

Early on Friday a caravan of 11 Type 3s drove up Highway 1 from Cayucos to the lower part of Big Sur and back, about a 120 mile round trip. We stopped at the Lucia Lodge for lunch and the beautiful view of the Pacific coastline.

On Saturday morning everyone met again at the garage — everyone meaning the 11 cars that had cruised up the coast on Friday and 9 more, including a caravan from Orange County. We headed up into the hills above Cayucos for a beautiful 30-mile drive through the countryside. Other than one car with a malfunctioning injection system, being hassled a little by the Five-O, and a stretch of rough road that vexed the lowered cars a bit, the drive was perfect. We then showed up at the Cambria Oktoberfest, where Type 3s totally dominated the all-German car show. Later in the afternoon we all headed back to the garage for a Santa Maria-style tri-tip barbeque thanks to grillmaster Tom Reay, Type 3-shaped desserts (!), and a champagne toast to the Type 3′s 50th birthday. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

On Sunday morning we all met again at the Borradori Garage for breakfast. A casual observer would assume this had been planned all along, but Terri Reay only came up with the idea of a tri-tip and egg burrito breakfast at about 10pm the night before. Everyone pitched in and it came together perfectly. After breakfast and some cleanup everyone began to go their separate ways. What a great weekend of driving!

Many more photos from the weekend can be seen here.

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