Sunday, October 9, 2011


A big thank you to everyone who was a part of this great Type 3 weekend. Whether you drove a Type 3, rode shotgun, or lent a hand to help, you were an essential part of making it a success.

The 21 Type 3s that attended spanned the production run and model range:

'61 Type 34 cabriolet (Lee Hedges, Sabre Springs, CA)
'61 Notchback (Shin of TOA International, Yokohama, Japan)
'62 Notchback (Eric and Kathleen Hand, Lodi, CA)
'62 Notchback (Gizmo Bob Walton, Hacienda Heights, CA)
'63 Notchback (Alex of ISP West, Carson, CA)
'63 sunroof Notchback (Jason Weigel, Seattle, WA)
'64 Type 34 (Jack Fisher, Imperial Beach, CA)
'64 Type 34 (Gizmo Bob Walton, Hacienda Heights, CA)
'64 Type 34 (Dave Whitaker, Central Valley, CA)
'65 sunroof Type 34 (Larry Edson, Campbell, CA)
'65 Notchback (Eric Farnsworth, Arroyo Grande, CA)
'65 Notchback (Jimmynotch, Sacramento, CA)
'65 sunroof Type 34 (Tom Reay, Los Osos, CA)
'65 Squareback (Michael Runyon, Orange, CA)
'66 Fastback (Andy Kimball, Tustin, CA)
'66 turbo Fastback (A.J. Sims of Low Bugget, Orange, CA)
'67 sunroof Fastback (Jim Maljanian, Sierra Madre, CA)
'67 sunroof Fastback (Steve Noll, Santa Cruz, CA)
'68 sunroof Squareback (Josh Lewis, Orange County, CA)
'71 Squareback (David Aveson, West Covina, CA)
'73 RHD Notchback (Glenn, Huntington Beach, CA)

One of the best things about the weekend was how everyone pitched in to help. It was a truly collaborative effort. I was responsible for the graphics and some publicity and coordination, but Tom and Terri Reay did almost all of the heavy lifting -- the planning, coordinating, securing use of the Borradori Garage, the awesome BBQ and cooking, and bringing it all together -- a huge amount of work that really paid off. In addition to Tom and Terri’s efforts, the weekend could never have been the success it was without the help of:

• The Borradori Family and Stuart Selkirk of Cayucos Cellars -- making the garage available to us (and thanks to LJ for putting in the word for us)
• Lee Hedges, Jason Weigel, and Scott McWilliams -- advance publicity, getting the word out
• Mike Runyon -- getting the OC/South Bay caravan together
• Dave Whitaker -- BBQ transport
• Stuart Selkirk, Jason Weigel, Lee Hedges, Scott Perry, and Jack Fisher -- moving the old Mack truck inside the garage
• Lee Hedges -- car show judge and parking coordinator
• David Aveson, Lee Hedges, Larry Edson, Scott Perry, Eric and Suzanne Farnsworth, and Brian and Diana O'Kelly -- event set up for Saturday night
• Scott Perry, Lee Hedges, Larry Edson, Jack Fisher, and Jack's daughters Kendall and Emma -- food prep
• Terri Reay, Cathy Callahan, Suzanne Farnsworth, and Jack, Kendall, and Emma Fisher -- desserts and cake decoration
• Jimmynotch -- sound system, stunts, and general mayhem
• Larry Edson and Dave Whitaker -- Sunday morning grocery store run
• Brian and Diana O'Kelly -- video, overall event support, and clean up
• Gizmo Bob Walton -- for having the foresight to bring a tow vehicle and enough tools spare parts to build a Type 3 from scratch (and for letting me drive his Type 34!)
• Omni Design Group -- oversize printing and accommodating Tom's event planning hours
• Firestone Walker Brewing Company -- for all that they do
• Everybody -- great photo documentation, donations, and making the time and effort to be a part of it

Thanks everyone!

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