Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time to book your hotel for the weekend

It's time to make reservations for your Central Coast accommodations, especially if you're planning on being there for the whole weekend. Some hotels and motels in Cayucos are already getting booked up, so you should act now for the best options.

Photo of Cayucos by Adam Solen, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Here are a couple of sites with local hotel listings:
Cayucos Chamber of Commerce

If you're interested in camping you should look into the Bella Vista, a 1960s trailer park that's near the center of town in Cayucos and just around the corner from the Borridori Garage. Perfect for that vintage Eriba Puck. It may already be fully booked at this point, but it might be worth contacting them to see if there still are any openings.

If you can't find a place to stay in Cayucos, Morro Bay is very close by, and you'll find more options in San Luis Obispo and Cambria, which are only a little farther away.


  1. Everyone's invited! If you have a type 3 or Type 34 please join us for as much of the weekend as you can.